We do health testing: hips, hearts, eyes, patellae on all breeding dogs.

All of our puppies are born in and raised in the house.  All puppies are up-to-date on vaccinations and dewormings.  Before going to a new home, each puppy has been checked by a veterinary opthamologist and by our regular veterinarian.  Each puppy is micro-chipped for permanent identification.

As with all breeds of dogs (and mixed breeds, too) Flat-coats and Cavaliers do have some health problems.

Overall, Flat-coats are usually physically sound, loving, happy, and playful-even into old age. However, this is a breed that seems to be prone to cancer.  Some flat-coats have lived well into their teens.  Sadly, others have died at a young age.  Also, some flat-coats have had hip dysplasia and/or slipping patellae.

In spite of Cavaliers being wonderful, loving, and almost perfect, there are some drawbacks.  All reputable breeders are fighting several health problems, the most common of which is mitral valve disease.  Breeders will tell you that it is not a matter of 'if' your Cavalier will develop MVD, but 'when'.  Almost 100% of Cavaliers will have a heart murmur by the age of 10. About 50% of Cavaliers have the beginnings of a mitral valve  murmur between the ages of 4 and 6 years.  Some have an early onset murmur; some acquire the murmur late in life.  Some will need regular medical treatment; others do not.  There is no way to predict the future for any one Cavalier.  In addition to MVD, some Cavaliers have had patella problems (slipping kneecaps), epilepsy, or hip dysplasia.

All reputable breeders are trying to produce the healthiest dogs possible.  All breeding stock should have clearances for hearts, eyes, patellae, and hips.  This testing does not automatically produce puppies that will never have problems.  As wonderful as our breeds are, you must understand that you are taking a risk by falling in love with any dog.  It is a risk that we definitely find well worth it!!


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